Let’s spill the Tea on Tuesdays!

When I was writing my first book, I really got into making a cup of tea every afternoon for a break. I found that just the right teas can be a caffeine-free, enthusiastic lift and also be very calming. A cup of tea in the middle of the day is such a beautiful way to quietly spend a few minutes with ourselves, unplugged.

 I don’t know if you can call it a hobby, but I now love trying different teas and learning about them. I especially love the impact that tea can have on our overall health and wellness. So much so, I’ve asked my daughter, Kendall, (the cutest and best dietitian) to team up with me! For the next month on Tuesdays, we’re going to dish the tea! Let’s call it, “Tuesday Tea with Sharon and Kendall”.

Today, we’re drinking “Organic Rosehip and Hibiscus Herbal Tea”. It’s a little bit floral, fruity and perfectly tart. It’s also a beautiful color of red. Did you know rose hips are that round portion of the rose flower just underneath the petals? I had no idea! Herbal teas, like this one, are known for having calming properties. Studies have also shown that hibiscus tea may be helpful in lowering blood pressure, which is important for heart health. We love that!

We also love the little treasures of inspiring quotes some brands put on their tea bag tags. They are great to ponder while you drink your tea. Today’s pearl of wisdom: “From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow. -Aeschyluameros”.  We love that too! Let’s all take one small step today that will grow into something we really want to happen.

Hope you’ll join us for some tea! Cheers!

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