Tea Time with Sharon and Kendall

If it’s Tuesday, then it must be time for Sharon and Kendall to dish the tea on some more of our favorite teas. We both love our teas and I’ve asked my daughter the dietitian to help us navigate some of the many health benefit claims made on a lot of tea boxes. It’s not to say the info isn’t true, but we should take note there just isn’t a whole lot of research yet. However, the scientific research has been growing and that’s exciting!

Today’s favorite is Chamomile with Lavender. My favorite brand for this flavor is #traditionalmedicinals. The smell and taste of this tea makes us feel like we’re at a spa. It’s kind, relaxing and delightfully aromatic to us.

Kendall’s “teasearch” shows us Chamomile has been used as an herbal medication since ancient times and contains phytochemicals that may be able to provide therapeutic effects such as improving cardiovascular conditions, stimulating the immune system, and promoting relaxation. Also, that some human studies support lavender’s effectiveness in aiding to combat different neurological and psychological disorders. No wonder we love smelling it and drinking it while we work!

Tea is definitely one of life’s simple pleasures and so is my bamboo tea bag box you can see on the counter. I always think I might hear music when I open it up to choose a daily tea. Haha It’s funny how simple things can really bring us small little joys every day.

The inspirational quote on my teabag tag today is a fun one too. “Earth laughs in flowers”-Ralph Waldo Emerson. Perfect to visualize while I smell the lavender in the tea. I hope you have time today to enjoy some tea and visualize some beautiful flowers coming soon with Spring, while you drink it. 🌸🌺🌼🌻


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