Hi, I’m author Sharon Caldwell Peddie, welcome to my blog! My book, “Grow Yourself Beautiful”, was written for girls and young women (and the parents and people who love them). However, my blog, “Grow Your Life Beautiful” will have much more! I will have various content for different ages and for both women and men too!

As an author, it feels good to me to have places like this blog, Instagram and my author Facebook page, where I can create a relationship with readers. I’d rather naturally create an interest in what I write on many topics rather than be out hard-selling my book. I’m more comfortable investing in you, by sharing thoughts, experience, ideas, inspiration and guidance where I can. I’ve always been more comfortable giving something rather than asking for something. My blog is a place to give.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been a sensitive, emotionally aware person. It’s always meant a lot to me to not only feel connected with myself and my feelings but to also be connected to the feelings of other people.

Being a sensitive person, I’ve learned that everything we see, smell, taste, eat, hear and touch throughout a day can really affect our emotions.  This is a very important awareness because it’s our emotions that shape the way we feel about ourselves–and our life! To grow in our comfort, peace and joy, we have to pay attention to what we “let in” and what “we keep out”. We have to give love and attention to ourselves and our simple, every day moments. We have to grow/build ourselves and our lives in ways that feel meaningfully beautiful to us. My blog will be inspiration for all of us to build that for ourselves as individuals.

Everyone has their gifts and I’m grateful that one of mine is the ability to connect with what we’re feeling then put it down into words. I love processing life through writing. I love sharing it to help others. I hope my book and my blog helps people process their life with more awareness–softening anxiety and creating more comfort, peace and joy.

I have a lot of creativity that always needs to spill out somewhere, so I’ll also include inspiration for fun food, family & friend gatherings, building your home sanctuary and who knows what else! We’ll evolve it together as we go along! A beautiful life is “the whole picture”-who we feel we are, what we see, smell, taste, eat and touch! Grow yourself beautiful, grow your life beautiful!

Let’s all grow stronger and more beautiful together! Come on in…