Hi, I’m author Sharon Caldwell Peddie, welcome to my blog! My book, “Grow Yourself Beautiful”, was written for girls and young women (and the parents and people who love them). However, my blog Grow Your Life Beautiful, has various content for different ages for both women and men!

I also have a brand new book, “f-words mom let us say: food, family & friends”. It’s a really fun cookbook I co-authored with my 3 daughters during the covid-19 pandemic. It’s loaded with approachable, everyday recipes that are sure to make you feel loved!

As an author, it feels good to me to have places like my blog, Instagram and author Facebook page, where I can create a relationship and interest in what I write. Ever since I can remember, I have loved to inspire people. For me, “Inspiration” is all about exciting and encouraging people to believe in themselves and to help them grow–and I love doing that for people! It helps MY heart and life grow too!

In order to grow in our comfort, peace and joy, I believe we have to live with intention. We have to grow/build ourselves and our lives in ways that feel meaningfully beautiful and satisfying to us. I’m a creative, so I’m always itching to make something more colorful, interesting and beautiful whether it’s words, food, fashion, events, photographs, home or garden. That’s what you’ll find here…Inspiration to “Grow you and your life more Beautiful“!

Let’s all grow stronger and more beautiful together! Come on in…