Finding the Divine for the “9”

There are tragic events that happen in our country and in our world every single day. Do you ever ask yourself why we can feel the real for some of them and others we seem capable of distancing ourselves for self preservation? Since learning of the tragic helicopter crash on Sunday morning, I have found myself weeping on and off for people I don’t personally know. My heart has been aching for these special lives lost and all of their beloved families.

Losing Kobe, Gianna, John, Keri, Alyssa, Sarah, Payton, Christina and Ara feels so personal. Thinking of the magnitude of loss for their families also feels so personal. As I’ve talked to family and friends about it, watched and listened to interviews and witnessed the outpouring of emotion on social media, I’m so struck how personal this feels to all of us.

But something beautiful is also happening. Have you noticed? All of America feels like one big family caring about one big family loss. We are all heartbroken together for the families of these 9 people that suddenly feel like our family too.

At first, I think many people felt such an impact because it was Kobe Bryant and his beautiful daughter. But then, something even deeper happened. We began to see and feel all of them. We see ourselves and our families in every one of the 9. The beautiful and heart-breaking images of them connected us. We can relate to their bonds, love and dreams.

As I’ve prayed for the 9 beautiful souls and their devastated families, I’ve asked God to help all of us grasp some purpose and light. The number of them keeps coming into my heart. Nine. I’m not well versed in spiritual numerology and I’m certainly not an expert in biblical interpretation but it’s safe to say there is significant, divine, prophetic, spiritual meaning in 9.

Number 9 symbolizes the completeness of God. Number 9 represents the fruits of God’s Holy Spirit. It represents faith, spiritual enlightenment and energy without motive. It represents universal love. The fact that so many of our hearts are in unison at this moment over these “9” feels like something important we should stop and take note of. It feels like a spiritual gift if we want to open it and receive it.

At least for today, we are blessed that we are able to get back to the normality of our lives. That isn’t the case for the families of these 9. May we honor them all by not quickly forgetting this universal love they made us all feel. I feel the divine from this 9.83208128_10163547016480455_4912859793921671168_o

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