Gratitude is Beautiful!

For these first 10 days of November I’m inviting ALL of you (all ages women & men) to join me on a journey to “Open our hearts to a deeper gratitude”. Each day on my Instagram: Author_sharoncaldwellpeddie I will have a new gratitude thought for us to incorporate on our journey.

Living with a heart full of gratitude makes us and our life feel more beautiful. I believe that so much I devoted an entire chapter in my book to “Thankfulness and Gratitude”. Life keeps us so busy we can forget to really open our hearts to notice and truly “receive” our blessings. When we do we become healthier, more joyful, peaceful and feel so beautiful. We are then able to share our beauty with others too. For fun, on your calendar today, rate your joy on a scale of 1-10 and rate how beautiful you feel on a scale of 1-10. We will
check back in ourselves on Nov. 11 and see if we’ve “grown ourselves more beautiful”. 🧡


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