Happy Fall

I love Fall but if you’re like me, you hate the transition of getting of here. I love Summer the most and it’s always hard for me to part ways with it. It seems it takes me until right now in October to be able to say Happy Fall. Now that I’ve fought through the transition and said my long, tough good-bye to Summer, I’m ready to embrace the treasures of Fall!

After some busy travel, on the way home from the airport yesterday, I noticed the trees in my neighborhood seemed to have changed colors over night. It’s funny how even a quick change of scenery, makes you see things more clearly when you get back. Right then, I made a commitment to get in a good walk today to be able to take in Fall’s beauty. I truly love to experience the glorious and changing colors of the leaves. I think it’s especially cool how each tree does it’s own thing, in it’s own colors, in it’s own time!

I especially enjoy a walk, run or hike in the Fall because the cool, crisp air is so invigorating. It seems to give us a little extra power, right? I also love how the temperature change invites cozy sweaters and cute boots. It’s a good season for Fashion!

As a football fan, Fall means there’s new hope for our favorite college and professional teams. This is the season, we’ll get ’em! We get to gather on our favorite campuses, stadiums and couches with the people we love who share our team love!

As a foodie who loves to cook, Fall means a whole new batch of farm fresh foods to keep our tables interesting! I think Fall crisp apples are an immediate mood enhancer! They’re so happy and delicious! And, I’m sucker for trying any recipe with butternut squash or pumpkin. How about you?

With the shift in weather and kids back in school, colds and allergies start up fast! Our immune systems welcome healthy soups and is there anything more cozy and healing, than a warm, delicious bowl of Fall?

Whatever the season, I now push myself to get in sync with it because ancient wisdom shows us the importance of it. We’re part of the universe and nature! When we embrace the season we’re in by getting ourselves in sync with it, we feel more centered! It’s vital for our mind, body and soul. So, whatever season we love, let’s celebrate it big when we’re in it, but let’s keep moving into the season at hand. Unsticking ourselves is so important so we can be totally present for the present! That’s when we feel our best!

So instead of dreading the early dark evenings, I’ll embrace being in jammies earlier and getting more sleep for good health. I’ll read more. I’ll visit pumpkin patches, vineyards and farmer’s markets. I’ll roast lots of fresh vegetables, eat more apples, make soulful soups and bake warm pumpkin bread. I’ll go to football games! I’ll plant bulbs, go on hikes, notice colors, and bring those colors into my home and wardrobe. I’ll get rid of Summer profile pics and replace them with some flannel. I’ll take lessons from the trees and let go of what’s dead and no longer serves me. I’ll build my roots and interior stronger in order for me to make beautiful new blooms! During the transition of seasons, sometimes we feel off and don’t know why. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting ourselves in sync with what’s changing. I hope you have a beautiful, happy Fall season and maybe found a little inspiration here to help get yourself there!

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